535. Encode and Decode TinyURL

Note: This is a companion problem to the System Design problem: Design TinyURL.

TinyURL is a URL shortening service where you enter a URL such as https://leetcode.com/problems/design-tinyurl and it returns a short URL such as http://tinyurl.com/4e9iAk.

Design the encode and decode methods for the TinyURL service. There is no restriction on how your encode/decode algorithm should work. You just need to ensure that a URL can be encoded to a tiny URL and the tiny URL can be decoded to the original URL.

535. Encode and Decode TinyURL
struct Codec {}

impl Codec {
    fn new() -> Self {
        Codec {}

    fn encode(&self, long: String) -> String {

    fn decode(&self, short: String) -> String {

fn test() {
    let obj = Codec::new();
    let long = "design-tinyurl";
    assert_eq!(obj.decode(obj.encode(long.to_string())), long.to_string());